Arlington Roofing Tips: How to Deal With Clogged Rain Gutters

Your gutters work tirelessly all year round, directing rainfall and snow away from your roof. Because you can’t see inside your gutters, you might end up with a large problem before you really know what it is. Clogged gutters can overflow, causing roof and fascia damage.

Gutter overflow may also damage the foundation of a home, fostering the spread of mildew, and perhaps causing a flood. In winter climates, blocked rain gutters generate ice dams, which can lead to roof damage and leaks. Follow these proactive methods to prevent or clear gutter obstructions.

Arlington roofers advise homeowners to clean gutters twice a year, more often if there is a lot of vegetation surrounding the house. It’s best to clear out your gutters after many dry days so that the collected material is less heavy (and nasty) to remove.

Gutter Cleaning Tips

If you don’t keep up with maintenance on your roof gutters, you may find them clogged. Finding the obstruction is the first step! Water overspill may not always indicate a blockage.

Any gutter or downspout can get clogged, but you’ll have to crawl through damp vegetation to find them. It is necessary to wear work gloves and wear eye protection. When you discover the blockage, be careful not to harm the gutter, roof, or fascia.

Ladder work has several dangers, including close proximity to electrical lines and injuries from falls. In the case of two-story homes, it may be advisable to leave the gutter cleaning to an Arlington roofer if you aren’t comfortable on a ladder.

Guard Your Rain Gutters with Leaf Guards

Residential roofers aid homeowners with rain gutter concerns including blockages and overflow. Gutter guards come in a variety of different styles and colors. DIY leaf shields and foam inserts are also available, but they are typically difficult to assemble, ineffectual, and hazardous. Leaf guards with a low profile and professional installation are the most effective methods of preventing gutter clogs.

Professional roofing contractors can explain your alternatives and offer the most effective (and cost-effective) solution for your property. The good news is you won’t have to chance climbing again.

Arlington Roofing and Gutters Experts

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