Have You Had a Lorton Roofer Inspect Your Roof Yet This Fall?

With regular inspections and maintenance, your roofing system should last for many decades. A thorough inspection of your roof, particularly in areas where repairs are needed, can help extend its life. Here’s a breakdown of places on your roofing in Lorton that may be at risk for damage.


Walls, valleys, and other sorts of edges are common on residential and business roofs. A substance known as flashing is used to seal these spaces. It provides protection from the harsh elements such as UV radiation, rain, and wind, in these particularly sensitive places.

The basic function of roof flashing is to discard or deflect water away from roof edges and penetrations to avoid penetration into the structure. If it can be seen, it is often an attractive feature of the building. From metallic and non-metallic materials, flashing can be created.


The fascia is the lower border of the roof’s metal or wood trim. A flat strip of trim, just a tad wider than normal, but made of the same material is what it looks like. Your trusses and roofline are protected from the elements by the fascia, which serves as the final line of defense. It prevents rain and wind from dripping down the side of the structure.


Extra protection is provided by the overhang that extends beyond the house’s walls. Without the soffit, you’d be able to see the eaves and rafters underneath the overhang. Attic and roof deck are protected from moisture, rain, and wind with the use of a vapor barrier.

Perforated soffits are used in order to allow air to flow and minimize moisture levels in the building. Wood rot and mold can be prevented by minimizing moisture. Rodents, insects, and other critters would be able to get into your attic if there was no soffit in place.

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