Call a Dependable Lorton Roofer When Your Skylights are Leaking

A skylight is a fantastic source of both warmth and light for your home, and it may improve the overall aesthetic of your home while also providing additional air when needed. A leaking skylight can be caused by a variety of circumstances, the most common of which is an incorrectly fitted or installed skylight. This insufficiency is mainly caused by the fact that having a skylight installed by a professional Lorton roofing contractor can be expensive, therefore consumers often resort to hiring a handyman or, even worse, doing it themselves. However, if you do not know how to build a skylight and the roof that surrounds it, you could end up with terrible outcomes. Even a shoddy repair of an existing leaky skylight might aggravate the situation.

The consequences of a leaking skylight

A leaking skylight causes minor harm in the short term, but it can cause major damage over time, so be sure the droplets you see coming from your skylight are condensation and not the earliest signs of a leak. You may have to replace wallpaper, carpets, and, in the worst-case scenario, make structural repairs to the interior of your home (although only usually in extreme circumstances). A leaking skylight could indicate that you have more serious roof issues, so have someone come out as soon as possible to inspect it.

Use Timothys Roofing to repair your leaking skylight

Roofing contractors in Lorton typically charge a high price to install a skylight because they prefer to focus on higher-paying roof installations. That does not rule out the possibility of finding a reliable and highly trained roofer who can do the task at a reasonable cost. However, because skylight installation, like all roofing, is a professional job, you will have to spend more to have one installed properly by an expert than you would if you hired a handyman. Contact us for reliable and honest rates.

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