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Roofing Installation & Roof Repair in Arlington

When installing a new roof, it is crucial to purchase all of the materials that will be needed to complete the project in the right quantity ahead of time. You surely would not want your roofer to have to race to the store in the midst of the installation to buy additional materials. If the roofing service is not sufficiently prepared, it may influence the quality and the length it takes to install the new roofing system. This is why an Arlington roofing contractor must prepare accurately and measure the roof correctly the first time for the appropriate amount of materials to complete the project.

Doing so saves time, money, and the hassle of having to leave in the thick of the installation to get some more shingles. So, the roof must be measured properly. No one wants to go to the roofing supply during the installation nor do you want to be stuck with extra supplies. It is really very easy to measure a roof for the number of shingles that will be needed.

One roofing square equals one hundred square feet, oftentimes, three bundles of roofing shingles are what is needed for each roofing square. A roofer in Arlington always measures a roof for shingles like this when they have to tally up the number of shingles that will be needed. The order must be put in correctly. Each bundle of 3 -tab shingles usually have around twenty-six shingles in it.

There are many kinds of shingles to choose from in today’s market. For a great roofing installation, you must choose high-quality materials and the right roofing contractor in Arlington to install your new roof. Without these things, you may be faced with roofing dilemmas from poor installation or your roof may wear out quickly if low-budget materials are used. As a GAF Master Elite Certified Roofer, we take great pride in this esteemed achievement and have earned it due to our top-shelf installations and roof repairs.

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