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Mary Linne

I am very pleased with Timothy's Roofing. They were responsive, quick and professional. They did an excellent job of letting me know what type of material was best for my home, when they could do the job which was the next week and when Timothy's Roofing came out and did the job, they were extremely professional and customer friendly. I now have an excellent, strong roof. I am so glad I went with the company.

Maria Worthy

Although I did not select this company, I was extremely pleased with their responsiveness and customer service. I elected to go with another company due to a coupon secured with a substantial discount. I would definitely refer Timothy's Roofing to anyone who asked.

Andrew Lynch

This is the second roof they have done for me (primary residence & rental property). Both were a great experience, with high quality work & customer service. Highly recommended.

Russ came out for the estimate and went over all of the details with me, including a cost estimate on the spot. Job was done timely and professionally, and they did a great job cleaning up during & after. Highly recommended.

Laura Cleveland

After Russ came to assess my roof and give me an estimate on a new one, I didn't even bother with a second estimate. I had in mind that I wanted a Cool Roof but Russ said it wouldn't be worth the 35% additional cost and that a lighter colored shingle would do the job. I was impressed that he didn't try to sell me something more expensive than I needed. I have a large roof and felt that the $8.400 estimate was reasonable. Before Russ left he did some minor repairs to my roof to hold me over, at no charge. On the installation day, a big crew of guys arrived and took the old shingles off in a very short time, and they did it without anything landing on the grass or driveway. I have a freestanding fireplace in my living room that has been leaking since I bought the house. I've had three different repairs done on the brick, the flashing, and the furnace chimney, but the problem persisted. Timothy's crew discovered that the plywood around the chimney was nearly rotted through and was part of the problem. I have a cathedral ceiling on half the house, which was built in the sixties. They didn't have the technology back then to vent the roof properly so the insulation was actually sweating and contributing to my roof issues. About 10 of the plywood panels had to be replaced; new flashing was installed around the chimney; and the crew installed two fans on either side of the chimney to let air flow. I think that solved all the issues I've had for 10 years. I should have replaced the roof to start with! The new shingles went up quickly and look fantastic. The color is perfect for the house and really looks a lot lighter than the old brown. When the roof was done (all on the same day), the crew did a complete clean-up, including running a magnet around the house several times to be sure no nails escaped. If it weren't for the new roof no one would ever know they were here. The contract I signed called for extra payment for any plywood sheets replaced, and any other extras. When it came time to write the check, I was not charged for any of the extras. When does that ever happen? I should also mention that all of the crew were very friendly and informative. I am very happy with my new roof and plan to hire Timothy's to do the new siding in the near future. I highly recommend the company.

Dennis Gillispie

They did an excellent job. They were very professional and I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to replace their roof and/or gutters.

C Wallace

On all points Timothy's was timely and professional. We have been pleased with both the quality of their work and materials, and their work ethic. As need arises with other buildings on the property, Timothy's will be our go-to choice.

Stephen Leatherwood

When we were considering roof replacement, Tinothy's responded quickly, and came out at a time that was convenient for us. They helped educate me a bit about the process, and provided a very competitive quote with no pressure. We ultimately opted to repair the roof rather than have it replaced at this time, but would not hesitate to contact them when we ultimately do replace it.

Lynda Kandul

Three years ago Timothy's Roofing completely replaced our roof. They did a beautiful job, completing tear off and replacement of roof in one day. They also added gutters. They cleaned up the property so well you would not have known they were there unless you saw the beautiful new roof. We have recontacted them as we are now adding a large addition on to our house.

When we recontacted Timothy's sales representative, Russ, he immediately began helping us with planning and materials for the roof addition. We are doing some of the work ourselves, and he helped us find a great inexpensive materials company for the sheathing we are applying before his company installs the waterproffing and shingles.Russ comes by every few days to check our progress so that he will now when to send his installers. This class A contractor owned company uses their own experienced installation crew one roof at a time, and has replaced almost every roof in our neighborhood over the past many years. Every friend or neighbor we have referred to Timothy' Roofing has ended up using their service and been very pleased. They offer an excellent warrentee on both materials and workmanship. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a repair of replacement of their roof.

Karen Bunn

The company did a fantastic job. The old shingles were removed and hauled away. New roofing and vent cover were installed all within 4 hours time. Everything was clean and neat, so you didn't even know they were there. They were prompt, cheerful & courteous. They warranty their work, so I feel confident if I have a problem they will be there for me.

Clarence Goodson

I had a new rood installed which included removing the old shingles (and hauling away), re-flashing a skylight, chimney and roof joints, installing a new roof ridge and additional vents. Still waiting to get Guarantee paperwork done but the work was done very professionally and the roof looks great. The rep was very helpful in the selection process and the price was very competitive with other estimates. I recommended Timothy's to my daughter and she has a very positive experience with this firm as well. I hope this info is helpful.

Jack Warner

It went very well. I thought I needed a new roof, but thanks to this company, they were able to determine that I did not. And if I did need a roof I would definitely use them in the future.

Richard Doan

I had an issue with water stains on the ceiling in the master bathroom. I called Timothy's roofing and explained my situation to them. Without even coming to my home they knew what the problem was after I explained to them what was going on. In less than 24 hours they had come to my home and fixed the problem. They were very prompt and courteous, I would not hesitate to use their services again. I highly recommend them!!!!

Lea McCaw

Everything went very smoothly from the original quote to the finished job.
They took the time to explain each step and what materials they use, what warranties are available. They compared roofs in my neighborhood to point out different products that could be used and encouraged us to shop around and compare the quotes. They were in the middle price wise, but once we understood the difference in quality (say, plastic versus metal vents) we could see that they were very competitive.

At their suggestion, it was determined that we should demolish the previous owners "porch roof addition" and we're glad we did as it was completely rotted, both the proch roof and the house roof he had tied into. This was out of the scope of their normal work, but they accommodated us and hauled away the debris.

They provided plenty of local references and suggested we drive the neighborhood to see which roof color and style appealed to us.
The crew was obviously used to working with one another and it was quite a treat to watch them demolish and then rebuild the roof - which took less than two days. They were organized, and they were
extremely tidy and I found no debris left in the garden or in the attic.

We have had no problems with the skylights that were installed. The gutters have handled the heavy rains with ease. And absolutely no problems with the roof itself. In fact, we are so relieved that we demolished the "porch roof" because it would have collapsed during the following February snowstorm and probably taken half of the house with it!

John Willett

Tim's quality of work is such that I recommended him to my neighbor, who had to have his roof replaced due to tree damage about the same time I planned to replace my roof.. My neighbor cancelled his insurance provider's recommended roofer and used Tim's service, as a significant savings to him, and full satisfaction, and the 50-year warranty.

Rhonda Brochner

After the storm, my tenants discovered a roof leak into my townhouse...I called four other places, and most said they could not fit me for two to four weeks! I called Timonthy's Roofing because they are in the area where my townhouse is and I like to support providers in my area.

I called late on the Tuesday (10/30) and the guy I spoke with asked me to call in the morning and tell "Lisa" to see if they can fit me in later that week for an estimate. When I spoke with Lisa, she was very calm, even though she must have received hundreds of calls that day. She said she would call me back when they could get out there.

She called me two days later to say that they had went by and did the repair! She said they could clearly see what the problem was, but if they left they would not have had time to come back for a couple of weeks. So, they fixed it then and would I put a check in the mail?! WOW! Talk about service...I had no idea that there were businesses out there who still worked this way.
I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs the type of work they do.

Joyce MacDonald

I looked into 5 companies that had great reviews on Angies list. I immediately eliminated one after a single call to their office because their office staff was unprofessional and rude. A second company never responded to my call. I proceeded to get estimates from the 3 remaining companies. Although I have to say I was impressed with all of them, Timothy's was just a cut above. I dealt primarily with Russ, who was personable, professional, very accomodating and honest-even discouraging me from doing what he considered was unnecessary additional work. I had been educating myself on roofs and my options, and I was looking for high quality work and the best value for my money. I believe I got it with Timothy's. I would highly recommend them. In fact, I did, and my neighbor had his roof completely replaced within a couple weeks of mine. We've recommended them to a third homeowner and will continue to recommend Timothy's. Russ is a gem and I feel confident if anything goes wrong in the future, he will make sure I'm taken care of. I had my entire roof, gutters, and downspouts replaced, and had my attic insulated. Kudos to a great company and many thanks to Russ for doing exactly what he said they would do. One caution to town home owners-- regardless of the manufacturer of the shingles or the company that installs them- the advertised warranty (that must be purchased directly from the manufacturer for an additional fee) applies to single family detached homes but NOT to townhouses. The townhouse warranty is still good, but not the same as a single detached home. You have to read the fine print of the warranty.

I joined angie's list just to get reviews on roofers. If i never use it again, Angie's list was worth it for directing me to Timothy's. And thank you Russ for a job well done

Teresa Johnson

Timothy's Roofing, owner operator and his team of three fellow professionals, Installed a beautiful new roof at my convenience, arrived on time, was considerate of landscaping and various incoming power cables, worked hard and fast, and completed the job in 12 hours. The estimator, Russ, was professional and knowledgeable. He made us feel very confident this transaction would be smooth and rewarding, and we were not disappointed. This is a true family owned and operated company with reliable company employees, not day laborers. Timothy's Roofing installs GAF-ELK (Made in USA) quality roof systems at a reasonable price and with a lot of pride. We highly recommend Timothy's Roofing and would use them again.

Tom Cator

Timothy's roofing was easy to work with, timely and responsive, and reasonably priced. We have already recommended Timothy's to neighbors and would definitely hire them again.

Donald Henney

Timothy's Roofing is GAF "Master Elite" certified and they are absolutely the best in the business, quality, safety, price, clean up and integrity. Absolutely none finer. Extremely pleased.

Burton & Debbie Slack

Tim and crew started promptly each day at 7:30 AM; did not stop til 8 hours ended. Did some extras for us at no charge. Great job done.

Theresa Flynn

This company was spectacular. I sent an email request for an estimate and I had the estimate within 24 hours. They were the lowest price even without the coupon they offer through Angie's List. Scheduling was a breeze and the roof was installed 7 days after I received the estimate. The work was done in a clean and professional manner.

Kristina Schnider

Russ explained the job well and priced in with other estimated. He kept me informed of scheduling updates. The work was preformed on time and looks good.

James Plant

The Boss and crew arrived 7:30 AM as expected and did a superb job and finished the whole job by 4:00 PM.

Mr Basara

The crew arrived on time and were very professional. On the 1st day they replaced the front of the roof. On the 2nd day they replaced the back of the roof and gutters. They were very clean on the job and my roof looks great.

Jennifer Jacky

Timothy's roofing is a very professional company that did a great job from start to finish. From the first call I made to the final nail being picked up they were knowledgeable professional friendly honest and punctual. The sales representative knew the products well and was available any time I called. In the middle of the project, we made a change to the initial plan, and it was taken care of without any hesitation. I would highly recommend timothy's roofing.

Judith Keats

Very good experience. Wait! A very good experience with a contractor? Yes. Arrived on time for initial appointment. Explained the benefits of various roofing materials. Went over different costs and provided various quotes. They dont use day laborers. All are full-time roofers with the company. They dont sub-contract out any jobs. Owner is on site during installation. I was promised that the only way I knew they had been at my home was a new roof. True. Called seeking a bid on Saturday, signed contract on Tuesday, new roof on Friday. Sweet!


Timothy's Roofing (TR) promptly contacted me about my request for an estimate. I talked to Russ who is professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. I appreciate his taking the time to walk me through what I needed while not trying to push a product or service I did not want or need. He has been in the roofing business for many years and has a great working knowledge about products, warranties, etc. Of course, I had to do my own research only to conclude that TR offered the best deal, or bang for my buck, in my opinion. By the way, Russ always returned my calls whenever I had a question. They weren't the lowest estimate (I gave them a "B" on price) but after comparing the materials, service and warranty with the others, I was convinced that I got the best deal with them.

The time from first contact to finished product was 11 days! The work was delayed one day due to high winds. But Russ called and kept me informed; I never had to wonder if the crew would show up. They started the next day at 7:30 a.m. I noticed that while they were working, they made sure the areas around the house were clean. Other than some shingle residue (which is to be expected), you wouldn't know they were there.
The next day, they installed the new gutters and downspouts. I'm very happy and satisfied with the whole experience, and love my beautiful new roof!

Kathleen Riley

Our experience was excellent. We called the week of Thanksgiving and someone came out that Saturday to provide an estimate. He got on our roof before providing a quote (some others did not!) and let us know that he had some concern about one of our chimneys, recommending we have it looked at prior to the roof being replaced. The chimney recommendation was spot on and we wound up having work done prior to the new roof being installed. Once they were onsite, they worked diligently and fast. They also kept the work area very clean; we haven't found any debris anywhere in the yard. They painted all the vents coming out of the roof black (to match the shingles) and took down our old TV antenna.

They exceeded our expectations, recommended solutions and had an eye for detail that we greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend.

Timothy Henderson

We have a home that was built in 1957 which has a very low slope roof which cannot be roofed with shingles. The existing roof was a built-up roof (BUR) (sometiomes referred to as "s***" or "rock and tar") which had begun to leak in several places. I had it patched a couple of times but the time had come to replace it. I was under the misimpression that BUR roofing was no longer used because of the hazardous character of the hot asphaIt employed and it becasme apparent that there are not a lot of roofers with the experience and equipment necessary to apply that type of roof.

I had several roofing companies provide estimates as well as proposed roofing materials. Two of them proposed using so-called "TPO", a sheet material that is laid down with heat guns. Timothy's proposed to put down another BUR which, through later research, I found is considered to create a much more durable surface than TPO. In addition, the cost of the BUR roof recommended by Timothy's was 30% less than the TPO prices. Given the age of the gutters, I decided to have them replaced as well. The pricing of the gutter replacement was competitive with the prices quoted by the roofers proposing to use TPO.

When I signed the contract, Russ Robertson (Timothy's brother) told me that they would not be able to get to the roof for thre to four weeks and that timing would depend on how many rainless days ahead. Fortunately, there weren't too many of those and they started work almost exactly four weeks after contract signing. The work took the estimated two days and it looks terrific. Particularly impressive was the fact that Tim Jenkins, the owner of the company, personally supervised the crew and mopped the asphalt. They did a great job of cleaning up the yard and driveway after the work was completed. When the roof was partially complete, I decided to add a vent for the upstairs bathroom, which required them to cut an opening in the new roof surface. They took care of it without hesitation.

I found Tim Jenkins to be a complete professional and a heck of a nice guy as well. This job could not have gone better. I am a very happy camper.

Lisalyn Jacobs

Not the house-warming gift I had in mind, but a tree fell on my roof about two weeks after I'd moved in. The insurance company finally managed to call me back 5 days later just after I had the tree removed and at 4:30 on a Friday as it started to rain, they informed me that I needed to have the roof tarped. I already had a call in to Timothy's for an estimate, and thus, called back to see if they could send someone out to tarp the roof. They called back promptly, came out and tarped the roof the next morning, and were the first to tell me what my claims adjustor would ultimately say: that I needed a new roof.

Timothy's was one of three companies that I had bid to replace the roof. One of the other companies came out, but did not submit a bid, and the second came out and did bid the job, but never followed up. The combination of good, knowledgeable people, who know their work, follow up, show up when they're supposed to, and do what they say they will won the day, and the job!

I came away with a good price and a superior product, and also fared better because Timothy's turned out to be one-stop shopping: 1) they put a new roof on, 2) replaced my damaged front gutter, and 3) replaced the siding that the tree had torn down. I could not have done nearly as well if I'd had to have separate companies address those various problems.

Finally, when I had an issue with the folks that rebuilt my chimney, I called Timothy's and they were able to remind me of the issue they had flagged with the temporary flashing the day they replaced the roof .

They're a family business that puts their customers first, and you can't ask for more than that!

John Combs

They came and provided a new roof for my home. Everything they did was perfect.


We'd had problems with the previous roof. We were so impressed with the excellent service we received from Timothy's when we called for an estimate to repair the problem that we asked them to replace the entire roof. They thoroughly explained the process and the materials they would use. They arrived on time for both the estimate and the job completion. They were so tidy upon completion that we didn't even know they had completed the job -- except the shingles were gone from the driveway! They were helpful when we called a few weeks later to have them come out to install a couple of bathroom vents. We were so impressed that we've contacted them recently to ask them to evaluate the status of the roof after we have solar panels installed.

Anne Blackburn

I liked them alot! The estimate gave was great. I asked them how long the estimate would be good for and they said they could honor it until I was ready to have the work done.

Kenneth Chaletzky

There workmanship was outstanding and completed the project within a week of signing the contract. It looks amazing. I would highly recommend this company for your roofing needs. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They perform exactly as they indicate and return all phone calls and address any concerns quickly.


They installed a new roof on our home because we had a roof leak. It was coming through our celing into our living room. They were great. Because we needed it right away otherwise would have had more damage, they came and did it within two days.

Andrea Mackenzie

We looked at seven other roofing companies, we narrowed it down to three good bids. This company is a family run business. One of the referrals we got from them was a customer who had recently gotten a new roof from and them had used them twenty years before for the same thing. They were always available, they always answers our questions and calls. They showed up when they said they were going to, they did the entire roof in one day. There was no problems. The finished product looks fantastic. One tip to other customers is to really check the company you are thinking of using out very very well. Some out there are flat out liars.

R. B. - Alexandria,VA
Will always do a professional job

D. I. - Herndon,VA
Were professional and were on budget.

R. H. - Alexandria,VA
Stand behind their product and its made in the usa

M. B. - Woodbridge,VA
Act with integrity towards the customer, and does not try to oversell.

M. M. - Alexandria,VA

E. H. - Burke,VA
Had great customer service and did professional work in a reasonable amount of time.

D. G. - Burke,VA
Did a good job - although, something happened to my automatic air vent - I had to buy a new one and at least, they put the new one in for free (minus the electrical work)

A. W. - Alexandria,VA
Honest and professional

W. S. - Alexandria,VA

W. P. - Alexandria,VA
Did a quality job, when they said they'd do it. They were most responsive and professional.

G. L. - Alexandria,VA

L. W. - Alexandria,VA
Would do a very thorough job and produce a long-lasting quality roof.

J. P. - Alexandria,VA
Did an excellent job and did not leave any mess.

M. L. - Springfield,VA

M. G. - Alexandria,VA
Will stand behind their work.

E. B. - Springfield,VA
Offer value!

Review Date: July 05, 2013
Member: Deborah E. Skeldon
5405 Backlick Woods CourtSpringfield, VA 22151-3321
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: October 01, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Timothy's tore off old roof and provided a new roof with flashing.
Member Comments: Timothy's was timely, thorough and the workers cleaned up the entire job site as they went along. I have the best looking roof in the neighborhood. The satelite dish had to be removed and replaced and when it tipped over in the next wind storm they came out and repaired and replaced that section of the roof with no questions asked. This was a very good experience.
Share on Band of Neighbors: No


Review Date: June 16, 2013
Member: Patricia vuono
5796 westchester streetalexandria, VA 22310
Categories: Gutter Repair & Replacement, Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: June 15, 2013
Last Modified Date: July 05, 2013
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $20,000.00
Description Of Work: Replaced entire roof. Minor repairs to areas damaged by water & leaks. Also replaced entire gutter system
Member Comments: Very responsive to all needs. Polite and considerate.

Crew arrived on time and worked diligently until entire roof was under cover in the event of overnight rain.We were notified ahead of time for shingle deliveries and of the arrival of workers both for roof & separate installation of gutters.

The job was supervised by Russ Robertson who remained on site for both jobs, and who went beyond the contract agreementto do minor repairs. He was also quite thorough in supervision of clean-up at the end of each day making certain there were no traces of roofing nails or debris around the foundation.

This company was also very generous with a discount and donation to our local Elementary School as a result of our contract.

We have received many compliments already on the new roof from passers-by as well as from our neighbors.

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Page Of Happiness Nominee


Review Date: June 13, 2013
Member: connie williams
4119 duvawn streetALEXANDRIA, VA 22310
Category: Roofing
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: March 02, 2013
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $12,000.00
Home Build Year: 1950
Description Of Work: Removed and replace roof.
Member Comments: Timothys crew was excellent. From the great Salesman, Russ to the installers. Very professional, roof was removed and installed in one day. Yard was cleaned perfectly, couldn't even tell they had been there. I would highly recommend them!
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